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Tangkak Argo Encik Addy
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valesto got naga 2 - naga 8.. not only naga 7. beside drilling, they got oilfield services too.

naga 7 cover with insured too
They forget velestro bag a lot contract
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Azim Ng
Naga7 senget 10* only. Not 90* or 180* . Not total lost....repair saja....
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Firdous Othman
Azim dah tenggelam habis pun
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Mad Partner
Hmmm.... this is how late comer joins at a lower price
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Muhd Aasif
their major income from the rig services. you dont go swap rig any time you like at instant
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Andy Du
True... but long term oil will influence demand for rig. Expect Velesto management to do something... buy new rigs or setup old rigs ... should recover with time. Issue is whether investors sell now or hold. If price gap up after drop, are you willing to risk it? Just my 2 cents
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Mad Partner
You're right. Btw some people is sapu-ing the .15 ~ .16 volume
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