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Eason Tiong
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my last post for SD and my main CL exit reason is when SD chose to sue auditor instead of independent review or act in best interest in conpleting the audit, lawyer main agenda is act in best of client interest (not to mention is Shafee) not the integrity of financial truth, but audit is to uphold integrity of accounts which is investor main concern. Thats it, I accept my lost and so be it.
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Kenji Oon
Praise the lord , save another soul here. Be strong brother, next time will earn back. Peace and love
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Ricky Chow
Eason Tiong. my respect to you for being such a gentleman, CL now is the wisest way, it may be worthless soon.
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Kaiba AA
kenji, need you to entertain. Please leave some comments around the chat
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Eason Tiong
INEDs has the same reasons
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