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Kingsley Yip Swee Ying
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To those trap in Dnonce:

The CEO Tho Yow Yin was previously Chief Compliance Officer of Netleaders Dascoin. Dascoin was charged by Polish government and regulators. Not surprised if this type of people sell to AT.
Kingsley Yip Swee Ying
Many stockbit self proclaim gurus keep promoting this stock last few months and all got burned. Pity them for wasting their time organising talks and dramas
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Hui Yam Lee
And then Kingsley back again with this statement. Go other counter la not boring meh
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Kingsley Yip Swee Ying
Fact is fact. I boring or not none of your business. You can cut loss, nobody give a shit
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Steven Ng
Thanks for your sharing, Kingsley.
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