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Kingsley Yip Swee Ying
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Many useless investors barking one day show. Good that you lost money. Tomorrow when back up all this useless investors will go hiding.
ahmad danial
because they think chart move like ruller..straight go up, no zig zag, no pullback
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Jack Wong
coz when drop they sell and barking con company , this la that la.. in fact should buy low sell high but they chase high... buy 0.8 sell 0.7... then scold the company.. no patient and alway thiNk to earn quick money.. genting open soon can go there place your bet.. faster.... dun come invest share.. invest this way you will lose all our hard earn money. ... in fact global market all drop. bad market sentiment . can't wait for 1-2 years better don't invest share.share price alway 6 months ahead.
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Dnex dnex ! dnex dnex! dnex dnex! dnex dnex!
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Yana Amoy
i agree wit u.. i hold almost 4 month oready, then.. diam² sj la.. monitor ur chart skali skala.. the chart if no zig zag, no pullbck, itu gila sdh tu.. hahaha..budak² noob sj yg byk menyalak ni.. huhu
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