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Nik Azaha
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lebur 50 lot rm23k
Mohd Hasrol
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Derrek Tan
left Rm 10k
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Cikgu mana panggil beli? Panggil pihak berkenaan tangkap dia.
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wei lun lee
dulu sekolah tak dengar cikgu cakap, skrg dengar "cikgu" pula dlm perlabuhan
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Azhar Hassan
dah terang2 PN17 kenapa masih beli?
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Azhar, because many retailers do not take stock market seriously. they thought let say today bursa slap a company with pn17, then easily next week, bursa will uplift the pn17 from the company and the price will rocket back. even now, there are some smart retailers thought as long as brahims appeal, then there will be no delisted and brahims will rebound. very naive thinking. this happen to serbark as well, when kpmg last year refuse to sign the annual report, and once this new leak out, serbark price is still above 1.0, many retailers all rush in thinking that kpmg made a mistake etc ... come on, kpmg is a world big 5 auditor, you think they can simply say a company fraud account? this is a serious consequences as will tarnish their name and will get a huge court sue by serbark. everything is done professionaly by bursa and those auditor. no emotion is apply. but retailers use emotion to trade. i think serbark do not fraud account, so i buy, i think brahims will appeal success so i buy ....
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