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Eric Siew
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Jeremy Bond
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Yee Zheng
"Demand shrinks, ASP may be lower for the next quarters" 你們說有沒有一種可能2023下半年業績繼續創新低。未來誰都懂,那也要看市場的恢復能力。
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ting pang eng
Intco, Blue Sail, TG and others are bleeding red quarterly , resorting to red ocean strategy by reducing ASP will do no good to self and competitors . However what I like Harta is , she is emphasising on plant rationalisation and optimisation , cost and operational efficiencies to stay competitive and relevant thus this is the type of management and stock that you can count on and associate with. For those long term investors you will be rewarded in due course if you have trust in Harta to steer you out of this thunderstorm .
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By 2028 onwards only
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ting pang eng
If every glove company to continue bleeding red until 2028 then whom will survive by then? Those with cash, operational and cost efficient, automation, skill management will survive ie Harta will survive for it fits survival of the fittest characteristics
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