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Shaun Poh
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collect since low. now it's time to make me another 100m. Go go go
Ping Ping
wah, saprg current market cap only 800m, u can make 100m profit, geng ler, idol ler i also earn 67.69m only ler
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Shaun Poh
Time to up again. 3 profit straight
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Ravi Kumar
Too many shares issued and profits so
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Sam 3393
What is the target price for u to hit 100m?
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RM100m = RM100million?
RM100million = RM100,000,000

how many lot in your hand now?
1,000,000 lots or 10,000,000 lots or 100,000,000 lots?
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Kasey Tan
Big boss share your skill n bring us to goreng together dun ask to join any what-apps group thanks big boss
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