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Selina Lim
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等到好久还没有买。价钱一样还这么高 。
Great Loser
Selina, just masuk bad news, it won't drop, only can up until dividend in Feb/Mar.
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Kevin Koh
Mbb is a long term blue chip stock. Price swing is not extreme. If interested and afraid to buy one shot can always spread it out over longer periods. So far I have no trouble sleeping holding this.
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Tim Lee Donghye
Let's just say you bought it at 9.00 and the price dropped down to 8.30. But if you're a long-term investment, within 2 years, you get to receive more than RM 1.00 of dividend, and that's make up for the losses. We must not forget that Maybank is the largest company listed in Bursa Malaysia . In it historical stock price ,there's mostly strong support and a rebound in price appreciation.
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