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Alfred Loo
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I would say Sapura Energy was once considered a crown jewel in Malaysia, but it fell from grace terribly.

Anyone thinking of investing in this company must be prepared to lose everything. If anyone not prepared to lose then this is not a stock for you.

This is a highly risky & red-flag stock but also has good potential return if it can rebound back. So far the new management has taken steps to rectify the problems within the company, but they still have long ways to go and many more uncertainties ahead.

I personally think that this stock is worth investing at its lowest but as I said, this is a stock you must be willing to lose it all.

I am a mid-long term investor so I estimate this company need about 2-3 years to get back on its feet, provided if the management continue to strive to rebuild back this company and not leech from it like the previous management.
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I agree with u
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mr .N
exactly. feel the same bro
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Gary Nguyen
I hv betted on it. So rather win all or lost all. 富贵险中求
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Couldn’t agree more
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