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Hong Chew Eu
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Alliance Bank is the smallest Bursa Malaysia bank. While smaller than Affin Bank, its performance as measured by the ROE is far better than that of Affin. https://www.i4value.asia/2024/02/is-affin-value-trap.html#more
When you look at the ROE trend of Alliance, you can see that it had recovered from the Covid-19 years and overtaken its pre-Covid-19 peak But the market price has yet to reflect the better performance. https://i.postimg.cc/fyVxJQ5N/Alliance-bank.png
Does the market know something that I don’t or it it merely being irrational?
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Jason Ngu
can buy at 3.47
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Sam Weng Keat
He is small,but profit margin good.
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bad ...all bank 52 weeks higher..,.this cheap plat bank
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Kevin Tam
Affin n MBSB having much lower ROE than ABMB, ABMB had gone up during 2021 to first half of 2022 then remain above 3.40 for more than 1 year plus … What factor push up MBSB in past 3-4 months ?
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