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Daniel Ng
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Thai AirAsia recorded a net profit of 2,813.6 million baht (about RM380 million using year end rates), but much of their net profits (2,314 million baht) comes from a gain on exchange rates in 4Q2023. The baht appreciated about 7% vs USD from Q32023 to Q42023 while the RM appreciated about 2% vs USD from Q32023 to Q42023, so I don't think AirAsia Malaysia's performance will be nearly as good as Thai AirAsia for Q42023.
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Cheah William
finally some constructive news, i think AirAsia malaysia will do well in Q4 looking from previous all fully booked flights but ya agreed on the profit may not be as strong as Thailand's

but i still think this company is undervalued over the long term (just my opinion), every company's bad news will end, just in the matter of time and resilience of the company,
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Yes it's going to be good at the very least so rm 1 soon
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