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Animah Mutalib
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I think the price of SNS will hover around 0.40-0.50. After this there will be profit taking by short-term traders.
For a period of several months or years, investors will be completely confident and the price will continue to rise. EPF and some institutions have been holding this SNS unit for a long time even though the price has not increased since 1 year ago

I have held SNS units for more than a year and will get the dividend for the 4th time and never miss reading the quarter report.
SNS business is getting better, Cash on hand is increasing consistently and every quarter records profit and debt is decreasing even if it is a little.

The largest shareholder is the owner of the company that built the company from Enterprise company until listed on Bursa.
VSTEC shares are mirrored to SNS shares due to the very similar business fundamentals.
Believe it or not about my review you all decide
10 new outlets are in the process of opening and will certainly increase the company's income.
The price may up and down
Gentlemen, fasten your seat belts..we still have a long way to go, this is an investment counter, not a trading counter
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