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Aizat Jamaludin
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Suspends trading just to sell half of their asset. Not sure if thats necessary given their current situation.
Haru Kenchiru
of coz necessary. bursa regulations. have to halt trading for any changes in material ownership etc.
they have to sell asset to pay debts.
that's one of the restructuring plans.
nothing else can do. if not, tutup kedai terus
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Ping Ping
3sen coming
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Aizat Jamaludin
@Haru Kenchiru
Other companies (which announce private placements, secure new jobs/clients/contracts/joint ventures, disposal a small % in another entity, etc.) don't necessarily do trading halt.

But maybe because Sapura is under PN17 status and had to do it whether they (or their shareholders) like it or not.
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William Gui
when everyone excited it's better to run
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