-0.005 (-1.7%)

Orientaldaily07 Dec, 2023 20:34pm - 2 months

Nanyang02 Dec, 2023 23:05pm - 3 months

Digital media company Catcha Digital Bhd is planning to acquire a 51% equity interest in digital agency DS Services Sdn Bhd, more commonly known as Digital Symphony, for RM21.167 million.
TheEdge28 Nov, 2023 22:44pm - 3 months

Here is a brief recap of some corporate announcements that made news on Monday involving Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd, Revenue Group Bhd, Carlo Rino Group Bhd, Multi-Usage Holdings Bhd (MUH), Eco World International Bhd (EWI), Dagang NeXchange Bhd (DNeX), Catcha Digital Bhd (Catcha), Industronics Bhd, Yinson Holdings Bhd and MGB Bhd.
TheEdge24 Oct, 2023 00:18am - 4 months

Nanyang23 Oct, 2023 19:39pm - 4 months

Catcha Digital Bhd (Catcha) has appointed the founder of its recently-acquired company — Ittify Sdn Bhd, Tan Guan Sheng as its head of innovation, the group said in a statement on Monday. The appointment is in line with the group’s efforts to spearhead its Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives related to digital media.
TheEdge23 Oct, 2023 19:00pm - 4 months

KUALA LUMPUR: Companies that recently made headlines include Rapid Synergy, KNM, SSF, Alliance Bank, Catcha Digital, DNeX, AWC, Luster, PetChem, MAA and T7 Global, said Apex Research.
TheStar10 Oct, 2023 08:48am - 4 months

Here is a brief recap of some corporate announcements that made news on Monday: Rapid Synergy Bhd,KNM Group Bhd,SSF Home Group Bhd,Alliance Bank Malaysia Bhd,Catcha Digital Bhd,Dagang NeXchange Bhd (DNeX),AWC Bhd,Hengyuan Refining Co Bhd,Luster Industries Bhd,Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd,MAA Group Bhd and T7 Global Bhd.
TheEdge09 Oct, 2023 22:44pm - 4 months

Sinchew09 Oct, 2023 20:45pm - 4 months

(吉隆坡9日讯)Catcha Digital Bhd宣布,收购两家数字媒体公司,以打造一个东南亚领先数字集团。
TheEdge09 Oct, 2023 19:38pm - 4 months

KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 9): Catcha Digital Bhd has announced the acquisition of two digital media companies in a bid to complement its mission to build a leading digital group in Southeast Asia. In a bourse filing, Catcha said it is investing RM3.43 million to buy the remaining 49% stake in I...
TheEdge09 Oct, 2023 18:58pm - 4 months

(吉隆坡9日讯)Catcha数字(CATCHA, 0173,创业板)斥资逾466万令吉,收购两家数字媒体公司。Catcha数字透过马交所宣布,已签署两项新收购协议,即收购网红平台Ittify私人有限公司,和网络媒体公司Headline Media私人有限公司。在第一份收购协议中,Catcha数字斥资...
Nanyang09 Oct, 2023 18:55pm - 4 months

KUALA LUMPUR: Catcha Digital Bhd's wholly-owned subsidiary iMedia Asia Sdn Bhd will be making equity acquisitions in two companies that are expected to improve the profitability of the group.
TheStar09 Oct, 2023 17:34pm - 4 months

theedgemalaysia.com highlighted two stocks with positive momentum and seven stocks with negative momentum during Bursa Malaysia’s afternoon session on Wednesday.
TheEdge27 Sep, 2023 15:42pm - 5 months

THE local stock market has gained traction over the past two months, with the focus mainly on big- and mid-cap stocks. Since touching a low of 1,377.67 points in early July, the benchmark FBM KLCI has risen 5.5%, while the FBM Mid 70 Index has added 4.8%. The ACE Market, however, has in...
TheEdge25 Sep, 2023 14:00pm - 5 months

Catcha数字(CATCHA, 0173,创业板)的日线交投走势,于9月8日闭市时收53.5仙,按日涨8仙或17.58%,短期上升阻力或会处于54-61仙水平间。08/09/23行情 闭市:53.5仙 起落:+8仙 成交量:214,778宗 最高:56仙 最低:44仙 本益比:-- ...
Nanyang09 Sep, 2023 00:11am - 5 months

Sinchew31 Jul, 2023 20:41pm - 7 months

Orientaldaily31 Jul, 2023 19:49pm - 7 months

KUALA LUMPUR: Companies with recent corporate announcements include Betamek, IJM, JAG, Catcha Digital, BAT, KIP REIT, United Plantations and UOA REIT, said Apex Research.
TheStar25 Jul, 2023 08:47am - 7 months

PETALING JAYA: Catcha Digital Bhd’s rights issues fell short of target with its acceptance, excess application and payment only amounting to 72.4% of the total rights shares available.
TheStar25 Jul, 2023 00:00am - 7 months