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KUALA LUMPUR: Here is a recap of the news headlines from Corporate Malaysia.
TheStar24 Apr, 2024 07:41am - 7 hours

HHRG Bhd, formerly known as Heng Huat Resources Group Bhd, aims to raise between RM16.1 million and RM18.14 million through a private placement of up to 10% of its expanded issued share capital to yet-to-be identified third-party investors, at a price to be fixed.
TheEdge23 Apr, 2024 22:05pm - 17 hours

KUALA LUMPUR: HHRG Bhd has been queried by Bursa Malaysia for further information concerning its proposed acquisition of 51 per cent stakes in two companies jointly owning land in Kuala Muda, Kedah. The exchange sought clarification on various aspects, including the ...
NST23 Apr, 2024 09:16am - Yesterday

KUALA LUMPUR: Here is a recap of the corporate announcements meaking headlines.
TheStar23 Apr, 2024 08:11am - Yesterday

Here is a brief recap of some business news and corporate announcements that made the headlines on Monday.
TheEdge22 Apr, 2024 23:20pm - 1 day

HHRG Bhd's proposed purchase of 51% stakes in two companies that jointly own a parcel of land in Kuala Muda, Kedah that was originally owned by the Kedah state government has drawn the attention of the stock exchange that queried the company for more details. Bursa Malaysia on Monday (April 22) demanded an explanation of the amount of the earnest deposit and date of payment by HHRG, the terms of arrangement for payment, and the net profits and net asset value of the companies that HHRG intends to buy 51% stakes in, and to quantify the audited net assets and net assets per share of the companies they intend to invest in, which forms the basis of the purchase consideration, among others.
TheEdge22 Apr, 2024 22:43pm - 1 day

(吉隆坡18日讯)HHRG公司(HHRG,0175,创业板工业产品服务组)为拓展产业发展业务,将斥资4000万令吉入股两家在吉打拥有土地的公司。该公司在文告中说,将向Open Road World私人有限公司收购PKB Open Road(SP Circuit)私人有限公司与ORIC Development(SP)私人有限公司各51%股权。该公司指出,上述两家公司在吉打瓜拉姆达县约60万7000平方米土地,市值为9668万令吉。...
Sinchew18 Apr, 2024 21:00pm - 5 days

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 12): theedgemalaysia.com highlighted two stocks with...
TheEdge12 Dec, 2023 15:46pm - 4 months

theedgemalaysia.com highlighted one stock with positive momentum, while four stocks showed negative momentum at Bursa Malaysia's afternoon close on Tuesday.
TheEdge05 Dec, 2023 14:04pm - 4 months

KUALA LUMPUR: Stocks to watch for on Thursday include Berjaya Corp, Berjaya Food, DNeX, HHRG and Bumi Armada, said Apex Research.
TheStar14 Sep, 2023 08:47am - 7 months

HHRG Bhd’s wholly owned subsidiary, HH Properties Kulim Sdn Bhd, has entered into an agreement with four individual vendors to purchase their entire equity stake in Kulim Property Sdn Bhd for a consideration of RM4.5mil.
TheStar14 Sep, 2023 00:00am - 7 months

Here is a brief recap of some corporate announcements that made the news on Wednesday involving Berjaya Corp Bhd, Berjaya Food Bhd. RHB Bank Bhd, Dagang Nexchange Bhd, Bumi Armada Bhd, TH Heavy Engineering Bhd, HHRG Bhd, OneTech Solutions Holdings Bhd, JHM Consolidation Bhd and Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Bhd.
TheEdge13 Sep, 2023 23:34pm - 7 months

HHRG Bhd — formerly known as Heng Huat Resources Group Bhd — has entered into an agreement with several shareholders of Kulim Property Sdn Bhd (KPSB) to acquire KPSB’s entire equity of 1.18 million shares for RM4.5 million.
TheEdge13 Sep, 2023 21:28pm - 7 months

最近,EA控股(EAH)因宣布召开由股东黄正信召集的临时股东特别大会“存在缺陷且无效”,而成为众人关注的焦点。EA控股也敦促股东不要出席定于8月22日举行的临时股东特大和投票。 该呼吁是源于公司收到了法庭颁布的两项临时禁令,而这涉及两起重大诉讼。根据今年8月1日至2日发布的临时禁令,在两起案件中均被...
Nanyang21 Aug, 2023 10:05am - 8 months

KUALA LUMPUR: Stocks in focus on Monday include Boustead, Yinson, Kitacon, HHRG, Globaltec, Astino, Apollo Food, Jaycorp and Beshom, said Apex Research.
TheStar26 Jun, 2023 08:47am - 10 months

Sinchew23 Jun, 2023 20:46pm - 10 months

(吉隆坡23日讯)兴发资源(HHRG,0175,创业板)宣布,获得Jeenhuat Foodstuffs工业公司的献议,...
Orientaldaily23 Jun, 2023 19:26pm - 10 months

券商 :肯纳格投银研究投资建议 :技术买进闭市价 :32仙 (截至5月16日)第一道阻力水平:36仙第二道阻力水平:40仙止损点 :28仙兴发资源集团(HHGROUP,0175,创业板工业)从今年2月底的58仙高峰大跌48%至5月5日的30仙,在周一(15日)走高并挑战32仙的即时阻力点之前,该股或...
Chinapress16 May, 2023 20:44pm - 11 months

(吉隆坡3日讯)兴发资源(HHGROUP,0175,创业板)宣布,以1050万令吉脱售槟城工业土地及资产予All Cab...
Orientaldaily03 Apr, 2023 19:21pm - 1 year

券商 :肯纳格投银研究投资建议 :技术买进闭市价 :45.5仙(截至3月16日)第一道阻力水平 :54仙第二道阻力水平 :58仙止损点 :42仙兴发资源集团(HHGROUP,0175,创业板工业) 股价从今年1月中的42.5仙低点,逐步走高至2月24日的58仙高峰,随后再向下走跌至周三(15日)以4...
Chinapress16 Mar, 2023 21:11pm - 1 year