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HONG KONG: Hong Kong’s economy posted its fastest growth in more than a decade in the first quarter, though the recovery is an uneven one led mainly by exports and held back by weak consumer spending and a slow vaccine rollout.
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HONG KONG: Hong Kong’s luxury property market has set another record, as its recovery from the pandemic gathers steam.
TheStar04 Mar, 2021 09:50am - 2 months ago

Sinchew01 Mar, 2021 12:39pm - 2 months ago

Nuglobal Ventures sees opportunity in loss-making chip maker due to demand for 200mm wafer fabs
TheStar16 Jan, 2021 08:30am - 3 months ago

HONG KONG: Some 20km north of Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port, an extension to the country’s Southern Expressway lifts off the ground for a special purpose – to let wild elephants cross the highway safely.
TheStar25 Dec, 2020 10:41am - 4 months ago

Nanyang02 Nov, 2020 00:14am - 6 months ago

G3 Global to take the lead in the project
TheStar22 Oct, 2020 08:10am - 6 months ago

MALAYSIA’s development of an artificial intelligence (AI) park will be vital to cement its position as the leading South-East Asian nation in the field of AI as the country takes a step forward.
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