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Nanyang30 Jul, 2019 00:05am - 3 weeks ago

A stumbling block appears to have emerged on the path of MAA Group Bhd major shareholders who are hoping to take the company private through a proposed selective capital repayment (SCR) exercise.
TheStar18 May, 2019 10:55am - 3 months ago

Sinchew22 Apr, 2019 12:13pm - 4 months ago

IF you wish to know about the country’s future in terms of politics, economics and markets in a blunt and brutal manner, then head for iCapital.biz Bhd’s 2019 Global Investor Day: dubbed Asia’s most innovative investment event on April 13 and 14.
TheStar16 Mar, 2019 10:41am - 5 months ago

NEW YORK: Oil prices fell about 1 percent on Friday after disappointing U.S. job growth revived concerns about a slowing global economy and weaker demand for oil.
TheStar09 Mar, 2019 06:57am - 5 months ago

Nanyang01 Feb, 2019 00:10am - 6 months ago

Nanyang19 Oct, 2018 00:07am - 10 months ago

NEW YORK: Oil prices edged up in cautious trade on Tuesday as expectations of higher U.S. shale output and inventories vied with worries that crude supply from the Middle East could be disrupted by looming U.S. sanctions on Iran and growing tensions with top exporter Saudi Arabia.
TheStar17 Oct, 2018 06:01am - 10 months ago

NEW YORK: Global Benchmark Brent crude jumped more than 3 percent on Monday to a four-year high above US$80 a barrel after Saudi Arabia and Russia ruled out any immediate increase in production despite calls by U.S. President Donald Trump for action to raise global supply
TheStar25 Sep, 2018 06:40am - 10 months ago

Sinchew31 Jul, 2018 11:14am - 1 year ago

LONDON: TP ICAP Plc fired Chief Executive Officer John Phizackerley as the world’s largest derivatives broker warned returns will be lower than expected this year. The shares fell more than 30 percent in early trading.
TheStar10 Jul, 2018 16:50pm - 1 year ago

KUALA LUMPUR: The FBM KLCI managed to eke out a slight gain of 1.16 points to 1,679.26 at midday as equity markets around the region extended their sell-off on fears over an escalating trade fight.
TheStar26 Jun, 2018 12:54pm - 1 year ago

NEW YORK: Oil prices soared on Friday after oil producers agreed to modest crude output increases to compensate for losses in production at a time of rising global demand.
TheStar23 Jun, 2018 07:00am - 1 year ago

NEW YORK: Oil markets are bracing for a reshuffle of global trade flows as China threatens to impose tit-for-tat tariffs on imports of U.S. energy products, including crude.
TheStar20 Jun, 2018 18:25pm - 1 year ago

NEW YORK: Oil prices fell about $1 on Thursday, with expectations building that reduced supplies from Venezuela and Iran could prompt OPEC to wind down output cuts in place since the start of 2017
TheStar25 May, 2018 06:50am - 1 year ago

Chinapress15 May, 2018 11:54am - 1 year ago

NEW YORK: Oil prices rose on Monday as OPEC reported that the global oil glut has been virtually eliminated, while U.S. crude's discount to global benchmark Brent widened to more than $7, its deepest in five months.
TheStar15 May, 2018 07:35am - 1 year ago

NEW YORK: Oil prices edged up on Friday, stabilizing after an earlier slide driven by U.S. President Donald Trump's criticism of OPEC's role in pushing up global oil prices.
TheStar21 Apr, 2018 06:52am - 1 year ago

TheEdge16 Apr, 2018 10:25am - 1 year ago

TheEdge16 Apr, 2018 10:10am - 1 year ago