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Thailand-listed SCGJWD Logistics PCL (SJWD) has emerged as a substantial shareholder of Swift Haulage Bhd with a 20.44% stake after the completion of its share acquisition in Malaysia's largest container haulage company.
TheEdge23 Feb, 2024 21:53pm - 1 week

TheEdge20 Feb, 2024 21:50pm - 1 week

KLANG: Swift Haulage Bhd is eyeing a 25 per cent contribution from its warehousing and container depot services segment from the current 15 per cent.
TheStar20 Feb, 2024 18:30pm - 1 week

Swift Haulage Bhd is expecting its warehousing business to grow further to contribute up to 25% of its total revenue in the next three to five years, from 15% currently, as the country's largest haulage operator expands its warehousing capacity on the back of strong demand for such services.
TheEdge20 Feb, 2024 16:59pm - 1 week

Swift Haulage Bhd, Malaysia's largest haulier and leading integrated logistics service provider, announced the official launch of its eco-friendly warehouse and haulage office in Westports.
TheEdge20 Feb, 2024 13:10pm - 1 week

Thailand-listed SCGJWD Logistics pcl (SJWD) is acquiring 20.44% equity interest in Swift Haulage Bhd, allowing the latter to leverage and capitalise on the former’s extensive and wide network across Asean and China.
TheStar07 Feb, 2024 00:00am - 3 weeks

(吉隆坡6日讯)报道指,新加坡公司JWD Asia Holding Pte Ltd将收购Swift Haulage Bhd的20.44%股权,崛起为大股东,刺激该股今早一度攀升8.3%,触及58.5仙盘中高位。
TheEdge06 Feb, 2024 15:16pm - 3 weeks

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 6): Shares of container haulage company Swift Haulage Bhd soared as much as 8.3% to hit its intraday high of 58.5 sen in the morning session on Tuesday, following news that Thailand-listed SCGJWD Logistics PCL (SJWD) will emerge as a substantial shareholder with 20.44% equity interest.
TheEdge06 Feb, 2024 14:21pm - 3 weeks

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 5): Here is a brief recap of some corporate announcements that made the news on Monday [Feb 5]: Chin Hin Group Bhd, YNH Property Bhd, Swift Haulage Bhd, Vestland Bhd, Scientex Bhd, Coastal Contracts Bhd, Titijaya Land Bhd, FGV Holdings Bhd, Tan Chong Motors Holdings Bhd, AME Rea...
TheEdge05 Feb, 2024 23:54pm - 3 weeks

Here’s a quick look at some of the stories that made headlines today.
TheEdge05 Feb, 2024 20:46pm - 3 weeks

(吉隆坡5日讯)Swift综合物流(SWIFT,5303,主要板交通与物流)主要股东Persada Bina私人有限公司脱售11.16%股权,给JWD Asian控股私人有限公司。根据马证交所报备文件,Persada Bina公司已与买家签署买卖协议,将以每股63仙的价格脱售Swift综合物流的98...
Chinapress05 Feb, 2024 19:33pm - 3 weeks

(吉隆坡5日讯)Swift物流(SWIFT,5303,主板交通和物流股)宣布,大股东Persada Bina私人有限公司脱售11.16%股权,给JWD Asian控股私人有限公司。根据今天的文告,持股35.155%的Persada Bina,已与买方签署了买卖协议,以每股63仙的价格,脱售Swift...
Nanyang05 Feb, 2024 17:56pm - 3 weeks

(吉隆坡5日讯)全国最大的集装箱运输公司Swift Haulage Bhd表示,大股东Persada Bina私人有限公司将把11.16%股权转售予新加坡物流公司JWD Asian Holding Pte Ltd,总值6190万令吉或每股63仙。
TheEdge05 Feb, 2024 15:24pm - 3 weeks

Sinchew05 Feb, 2024 14:47pm - 3 weeks

Swift Haulage Bhd, the country’s largest container haulage company, said its substantial shareholder Persada Bina Sdn Bhd is selling 11.16% of the company's issued share capital to Singapore-based logistics company JWD Asian Holding Pte Ltd for a total of RM61.9 million or 63 sen apiece cash.
TheEdge05 Feb, 2024 14:35pm - 3 weeks

Chinapress01 Feb, 2024 08:44am - 4 weeks

The Johor investment theme is seen gaining traction among investors as the state accelerates its plan to be a new economic powerhouse through high-impact business opportunities.
TheStar01 Feb, 2024 00:00am - 4 weeks

AS the big-cap stocks in several industries such as construction, property, utilities and renewable energy (RE) draw interest, a number of counters in the FBM Small Cap Index on Bursa Malaysia have also come on the radar of analysts and fund managers for their mid- to long-term prospects. ...
TheEdge22 Jan, 2024 14:15pm - 1 month

单位信托投资者的好消息!今日其他重点财经新闻:联昌国际投行唱反调:卖出手套股吧! 整天想着Work from Home,小心被AI取代【行家论股】今日分享的3个股项:1.明讯(MAXIS) 2.金务大(GAMUDA) 3.Swift物流(SWIFT)...
Nanyang16 Jan, 2024 18:06pm - 1 month

分析:马银行投行研究目标价:52仙最新进展:Swift物流(SWIFT,5303,主板交通和物流股)以4436万令吉,脱售子公司12.5%股权给IJM(IJM,3336,主板建筑股)旗下的IJM RE 私人有限公司。交易完成后,公司持股减至30%,Global Vision Logistic私人有限...
Nanyang16 Jan, 2024 17:52pm - 1 month