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GEORGE TOWN: Impacted by the global economic slowdown and US-China trade war, the manufacturing sector in Penang is already feeling the heat, with some factories suspending operations and downsizing their workforce, according to InvestPenang director Datuk Seri Lee Kah Choon.
TheStar29 Apr, 2019 10:05am - 6 months ago

BUTTERWORTH: Unimech Group Bhd, a maker of industrial valves, expects income from exports business to account for more than half of its total revenue by 2020, as higher price of crude palm oil (CPO) drives output in key market Indonesia.
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GEORGE TOWN: Unimech Group Bhd expects its overseas markets to generate over half of its revenue in 2018, compared with 43% a year ago.
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GEORGE TOWN: Unimech Group Bhd, a leading manufacturer of valves and pumps, will tap into oil and gas (O&G)-related markets in Asia this year.
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