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-0.060 (-1.2%)
Sinchew28 May, 2020 18:26pm - 2 days ago

杜甫科技(DUFU,7233,主板科技股)的日线交投走势,于5月15日闭市时收4.76令吉,按日涨26仙或 5.78%,短期上升阻力或会处于4.77-5.02令...
Nanyang16 May, 2020 00:01am - 2 weeks ago

KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia continued to see heavy trading activities especially in penny stocks and warrants, sending total volume traded over 9.2 billion units on Friday, the second highest in history.
TheStar15 May, 2020 17:37pm - 2 weeks ago

Sinchew06 May, 2020 10:03am - 3 weeks ago

KUALA LUMPUR: JF Apex Research expects Dufu Techonology Corp Bhd, KLCCP Stapled Group, AT Systematization Bhd, MCE Holdings Bhd, Nestle (M) Bhd, Tasek Corp Bhd and Ikhmas Jaya Group Bhd to be among the stocks to watch on Wednesday.
TheStar06 May, 2020 08:54am - 3 weeks ago

KUALA LUMPUR: Dufu Technology Corp Bhd, which saw its net profit surged to RM14.14mil in the first quarter ended March 31, from RM4.17mil in the same period a year ago, expects a very challenging and volatile business environment going forward.
TheStar05 May, 2020 14:15pm - 3 weeks ago

Nanyang05 May, 2020 00:11am - 3 weeks ago

TheEdge30 Apr, 2020 09:46am - 1 month ago

KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia extended its gains on the final trading day of April, as investor sentiment was underpinned by the strong overnight close on Wall Street and positive China economic data.
TheStar30 Apr, 2020 09:42am - 1 month ago

TheEdge30 Apr, 2020 08:05am - 1 month ago

杜甫科技(DUFU,7233,主板科技股)的日线交投走势,于4月29日闭市时收3.65令吉,按日涨26仙或 7.67%,短期上升阻力或会处于3.66至3.90令...
Nanyang30 Apr, 2020 00:30am - 1 month ago

KUALA LUMPUR: Semiconductor and technology related stocks closed higher as their plants ramped up production on Wednesday after the approval from the authorities.
TheStar29 Apr, 2020 18:21pm - 1 month ago

KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia and key Asian markets climbed in early Tuesday trade as investor optimism rode on the strong overnight close on Wall Street but the tumble in crude oil prices is expected to check gains.
TheStar28 Apr, 2020 09:38am - 1 month ago

TheEdge02 Apr, 2020 10:53am - 1 month ago