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Analysts continue to favour the oil and gas (O&G) sector with an "overweight" recommendation, citing the ongoing uncertainties stemming from tensions in the Middle East, which are expected to bolster Brent crude oil prices in the short run.
TheEdge22 Apr, 2024 10:59am - 3 hours

KUALA LUMPUR: Here is a recap of the corporate announcements making headlines.
TheStar22 Apr, 2024 08:21am - 5 hours

KUALA LUMPUR (April 19): Here is a brief recap of some business news and corporate announcements that made the headlines on Friday: Shares of Sapura Energy Bhd have been suspended from trading, pending a material announcement. The suspension took effect from 2.30pm onwa...
TheEdge20 Apr, 2024 00:51am - 2 days

Nanyang19 Apr, 2024 18:05pm - 2 days

KUALA LUMPUR (April 19): Oil-and-gas services firm Yinson Holdings Bhd said on Friday that its indirect wholly owned subsidiary Yinson Production Offshore Pte Ltd (Yinson Production) has successfully placed a US$500 million five-year senior secured bond issue.
TheEdge19 Apr, 2024 15:00pm - 2 days

KUALA LUMPUR: Here are the corporate highlights, according to TA Securities Research.
TheStar19 Apr, 2024 07:34am - 3 days

SINGAPORE: Yinson Holdings Bhd’s green technologies business unit, Yinson GreenTech (YGT) has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) to collaborate towards cleaner and more sustainable maritime operations in Singapore.
TheStar18 Apr, 2024 18:53pm - 3 days

(吉隆坡18日讯)大马股票交易所的报告显示,在今年2月底的上市公司业绩季节结束后,分析员最看好的3个领域,分别是能源、建筑和交通领域。看好云升控股大红花石油根据大马交易所旗下数字研究平台(Bursa Digital Research,BDR)今日发布的资料,在统计分析员针对最新季度财报发表的研究报告显示,88%的分析员给予能源领域“买入”建议。其中,全部分析员看好云升控股(YINSON,7293,主板能源组)和大红花石油(HIBISCS,5199,主板能源组),都给予“买入”评级。截至目前...
Sinchew18 Apr, 2024 18:38pm - 3 days

WHILE Malaysia-listed companies were seen to be improving their balance sheet position in 2023, the number of perpetual bond issuances rose during the year, data compiled by The Edge show. At least 28 public-listed companies have outstanding perpetual bonds — also known as perpetuals or...
TheEdge18 Apr, 2024 14:10pm - 4 days

THE last few years have seen multiple challenges that tested the financial resilience of companies, from Covid-19 to the post-pandemic commodity and inflation shocks, which in turn spurred interest rate hikes that indirectly skewed global currency exchange trends. The surprising good ne...
TheEdge18 Apr, 2024 14:00pm - 4 days

KUALA LUMPUR: Companies making headlines include Nextgreen Global, IOI, Bahvest, Yinson, SP Setia and Gamuda Land, said Rakuten Trade.
TheStar15 Apr, 2024 08:32am - 1 week

KUALA LUMPUR (April 12): Here is a brief recap of some business news and corporate announcements that made the headlines on Friday: Bahvest Resources Bhd's subsidiary, Wullersdorf Resources Sdn Bhd, has obtained approval from the federal government's mining regulator, t...
TheEdge12 Apr, 2024 23:52pm - 1 week

(新加坡12日讯)云升控股(YINSON,7293,主板能源组)考虑发售至多5亿美元(约23亿7400万令吉)债券。云升控股发文告表示,旗下云升生产岸外公司已经授权DNB市场和Pareto证券担任联合账簿管理人,以及ABG Sundal Collier ASA为联合牵头经理,以从4月10日起安排一系列固定收益投资者会议,接下来可能展开新的5年高级有担保债券发售行动,金额高达5亿美元。从该债券发售所取得的资金,将用于再融资该公司现有企业债券,以及作为一般企业用途。云升生产公司拥有和营运浮式生...
Sinchew12 Apr, 2024 20:57pm - 1 week

(吉隆坡12日讯)云升控股(YINSON,7293,主板能源股)安排会见固定收益投资者,计划发行高达5亿美元(约23.7亿令吉)的债券。该公司周五向马交所报备,聘请了北欧投资银行DNB Markets和Pareto Securities作为联合账簿管理人,并授权ABG Sundal Collier ...
Nanyang12 Apr, 2024 20:05pm - 1 week

KUALA LUMPUR: Yinson Holdings Bhd's Singapore unit Yinson Production Offshore Pte Ltd  is looking to raise up to US$500 million through a bonds issuance.In a filing with Bursa Malaysia Securities, the company said DNB Markets and Pareto Securities ...
NST12 Apr, 2024 15:57pm - 1 week

(吉隆坡12日讯)云升控股(Yinson Holdings Bhd)宣布,已聘请北欧投资银行,可能发行高达5亿美元(23亿7000万令吉)的债券。
TheEdge12 Apr, 2024 15:47pm - 1 week

Oil-and-gas services firm Yinson Holdings Bhd has hired Nordic investment banks for a potential bond issue of up to US$500 million (RM2.37 billion). YInson has mandated DNB Markets and Pareto Securities as joint bookrunners, and ABG Sundal Collier ASA as a joint lead manager to arrange a series of meeting with fixed-income investors since Thursday, the company said in an exchange filing on Friday. A new five-year senior secured issue may follow, it noted.
TheEdge12 Apr, 2024 15:29pm - 1 week

UEM Group Bhd is understood to have called off a tender for the sale of its wholly-owned Cement Industries of Malaysia Bhd (CIMA). The U-turn comes on the back of a turnaround in losses and increasing profits at the cement producer. It is understood that the six parties shortlisted to b...
TheEdge01 Apr, 2024 15:00pm - 2 weeks

Ekuiti Nasional Bhd (Ekuinas) is finally exiting the highly competitive offshore support vessel (OSV) business.
TheEdge01 Apr, 2024 11:00am - 3 weeks

KUALA LUMPUR: Companies spurring investors interest include Gamuda, Cypark, Mudajaya, Poh Huat, Sapura Resources, LYC, MKHOP, Capital A and Yinson, said Apex Securities Research.
TheStar01 Apr, 2024 08:10am - 3 weeks