Fruit distributor Carzo's unusual share price slump

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KUALA LUMPUR (July 22): At a glance, fruit distributor Carzo Holdings Bhd's share price slumping to its intraday low at RM1.08 on Friday (July 22) from RM1.82 on Monday (July 18) is deemed unusual as the shares, which have been traded for only three days this week, had recorded low trade volume on those days.

At 10:48am on Friday, Carzo's share price fell 18 sen or 14.29% to RM1.08 with 100 shares traded.

Looking back, Carzo's share price, which stood at RM1.82 on Monday with no shares traded, slumped to RM1.41 with 100 shares transacted on Tuesday.

On Wednesday (July 20), Carzo's share price ended lower at RM1.26 with 100 shares changing hands.


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