PSSC must engage with stakeholders, consumers on Tobacco Product and Smoking Control Bill

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KUALA LUMPUR: Parliamentary Special Select Committee (PSSC) must engage with stakeholders, including consumers, as part of its review process on the Tobacco Products and Smoking Control Bill.

The Malaysian Vapers Alliance (MVA) today said the PSSC must reach out to all parties from the industry instead of just hearing one-sided views from the anti-vape groups.

The advocacy group said that this is to ensure the review process is inclusive and considers feedback from all parties.

MVA president Khairil Azizi Khairuddin said this bill would impact multiple layers, from businesses to consumers.

Khairil said it had been one month since the bill was referred to the PSSC. Yet, the country has not seen the PSSC take the initiative to invite businesses and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for consultations.

"We urge the PSSC not to make any decisions without consultation sessions," he said.

Further, Khairil said the recently-announced next parliament session had been brought forward, leaving little time for a thorough review of the bill and inputting various parties.

In comparison, he said the recently passed anti-hopping law went through many months of consultations and discussions with various parties' input.

"To this end, MVA urges the PSSC to take time to hold consultation and discussion sessions with various parties instead of rushing for the Bill to be re-tabled in the next Parliament session," he said.

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