Exim Bank to help companies thrive through next year's storm

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Bhd (EXIM Bank) will step up its efforts to provide the support needed by companies to survive and thrive throughout next year's stormy economic climate, where the global economy is expected to return to its slowing growth rate.

President/chief executive officer Arshad Ismail said the bank is finalising its 2023 strategic business plan, which takes into account the bleak economic prospects, adding that the measures to be taken will be targeted towards potentially affected sectors.

"The economic outlook in 2023 remains challenging and development financial institutions need to play their counter-cyclical role, so this is what we will be paying attention to,” he told Bernama.

Despite the challenging outlook, Arshad is optimistic that some Malaysian companies will flourish during the storm, depending on the industry they are in.


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