Measat Global inks MoU with Parcel365 to stimulate digital economic activities

NST Fri, Jan 27, 2023 03:35pm - 1 year View Original

KUALA LUMPUR: Measat Global Bhd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Parcel365 Sdn Bhd and M2B Services Sdn Bhd to collaborate on the Digital Village365 initiative.

In a statement today, the rural broadband service provider said the initiative aims to uplift rural communities and stimulate digital economic activities for B40 communities.

Measat chief commercial officer Ganendra Selvaraj said that by partnering with Parcel365, the company hopes to introduce its logistics and business solutions to its CONNECTme NOW customers, enabling their e-commerce potential.

"At Measat, we firmly believe in the power of the Digital Economy and its ability to uplift rural communities by opening up new income streams that optimise the productivity of the residents, such as the sales of unique foods and crafts," he said. 

Parcel365 co-founder and director Eddie Mok Yew Keong said high-speed broadband is critical for enabling the digital economy and uplifting Malaysians in many ways, beginning with promoting entrepreneurship, creating income opportunities, and enabling the development of the rural supply chain. 

"There are many unique products that Malaysia's diverse rural communities can offer, and this partnership with Measat will facilitate more of them to reach wider markets by easing internet-based logistics connections and supporting training to elevate branding opportunities with better internet connectivity, ultimately improving living standards across the country," he said.

Under the Digital Village365 initiative, Parcel365 will offer logistics and e-commerce platform services and training sessions at suitable CONNECTme NOW locations identified by Measat. 

Through Parcel365's app-based smart locker pick-up and drop-off services, rural residents can overcome the challenges of lacking a proper address for pick-up and delivery in remote villages, while its sister platform Shopla365 offers e-commerce platform support and business solutions, as well as training to help villages optimise their digital economy potential. 

These services will be facilitated through Measat's CONNECTme NOW WiFi hotspots, powered by its high-speed satellite broadband service, to enable digital applications, including transactions, communications, training and other relevant use cases.

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