TM, ZTE Malaysia team up to build hybrid cloud 5G core network

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KUALA LUMPUR (March 13): Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) and ZTE (Malaysia) Corp Sdn Bhd have entered into a partnership to build a hybrid cloud 5G core network.

In a joint statement on Monday (March 13), TM and ZTE Malaysia said that this strategic partnership will foster innovation and advancement of state-of-the-art technologies for TM’s 5G core project over the next three years, which includes bare metal containers, software-defined networking-based architecture, hardware acceleration, and three-layer decoupling.

The statement pointed out that the rollout is anticipated to transform and revolutionise the way that data will be processed and transmitted, which could significantly impact the development of future technologies and applications.

“Developing a high capacity network will also address the rising need for network bandwidth and speed, as Malaysia’s 5G adoption and ecosystem accelerates,” they said.

The statement said that the integration of this converged network will strengthen TM’s capabilities to provide seamless connectivity and exceptional network performance, serving a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, finance, transportation and education.

“Additionally, the hybrid cloud 5G core network will aid in the growth of smart cities, Internet of Things (IOT), and other next generation technologies that necessitate rapid, low latency connectivity,” it added.

TM executive vice-president for mobile Jasmine Lee Sze Inn said the collaboration marks a significant achievement in the advancement of 5G technology in Malaysia, with the novel hybrid cloud 5G core network anticipated to revolutionise Malaysia’s telecommunications industry.

“This strategic partnership will transform 5G-enabled networks to deliver innovative solutions and services through our state-of-the-art network and infrastructure, and enable seamless connectivity and exceptional network performance,” she said.

Meanwhile, ZTE Malaysia chief executive officer Steven Ge said as a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, the company is confident that the advancement of a hybrid cloud 5G core network will be the model for future networks.

“ZTE is committed to this collaboration, as it will make Malaysia one of the leading countries in the region to roll out its 5G network,” he said.

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