Fuelling higher transparency ambitions

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PETALING JAYA: As all eyes turn towards the opening for Mass Rapid Transit 2’s (MRT2) second phase this Thursday, it is natural for the public to be feeling a sense of anticipation with respect to transport connectivity, especially considering the green light given to MRT3 by the government at the recent Budget 2023.

More importantly for the country, Malaysians would be expectant of further reform in government procurement, especially for large mega infrastructure projects involving public funds such as MRT lines or expressways.

With Prime Minister and finance minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim having mentioned that the ministry is dedicated to go as far as publishing tender numbers from all bids for public viewing even before the awarding of contracts as well as the subsequent results of the bids, industry observers are of the view that this move would be the way forward in showing the country is taking its corruption image seriously.


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