Chow says MAHB staff quarters relocation issue resolved for Penang airport expansion

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BUKIT MERTAJAM (Feb 17): The Penang government has resolved the relocation issue for over 50 Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) staff affected by the Penang International Airport expansion project. 

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow stated that the relocation involved those residing in quarters, who were offered affordable homes in Teluk Kumbar.

“The state government's role is limited, because the [expansion] project is managed by MAHB.

“The upcoming phase does not involve land acquisition [by the state government], so the state government can only assist in the relocation of quarters [involved] on that site.

“And this has been resolved, with more than 50 units of affordable homes offered to accommodate all staff involved,” he told reporters at the Batu Kawan parliamentary level Chinese New Year Open House in Juru on Saturday.

On Friday, during a working visit to Penang, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced that the federal government had agreed to expedite the Penang International Airport expansion project.

Anwar noted Penang's success as a tourist destination, but highlighted airport congestion issues, and said that he will receive a report on the project in the Cabinet meeting next Wednesday.

Commenting further, Chow said the state administration welcomes the federal government's efforts to expedite the airport expansion project, especially considering the increasing number of tourists entering the state.

“This project needs to be expedited as the tourism sector has recovered, with additional flights to Penang.

“With the addition of flights, the situation becomes more urgent, and for this project to be completed, it will take at least three years.

He said efforts to increase flights may be hindered if facilities at the airport are not sufficient.

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