Sapura Energy's Kitar Solutions to simplify decommissioning process

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KUALA LUMPUR: Sapura Energy Bhd has announced Kitar Solutions, which aims to simplify the decommissioning process

through integrated engineering, preparations, removal and disposal (EPRD) services.

In a statement, the group said Kitar Solutions is the result of a strategic partnership with AF Offshore Decom, a well-established Norwegian company specialising in customized decommissioning solutions in the North Sea.

It said the inception of Kitar Solutions marks a significant step in the expansion of the group's engineering and construction (E&C) business segment decommissioning portfolio, reflecting the company’s aim to contribute towards a circular economy within the region.

Through Kitar Solutions, Sapura Energy and AF Offshore Decom have plans to improve existing facilities at Sapura Energy’s fabrication yard in Lumut,

aligned with its aim to meet the highest environmental standards in waste management and recycling.


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