Sapura Energy unveils integrated decommission service, Kitar Solutions

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KUALA LUMPUR: Sapura Energy Bhd today unveiled Kitar Solutions, an integrated decomissioning service in collboration with AF Offshore Decom.

Kitar Solutions will expand the group's engineering and construction business segment decommissioning portfolio.

Combined with the group's strategic heavy lift assets and fabrication yard in Lumut, Kitar Solutions aims to simplify the decommissioning process through integrated engineering, reparations, removal, and disposal (EPRD) services.

Through Kitar Solutions, Sapura Energy and AF Offshore Decom have plans to improve existing facilities at Sapura Energy's fabrication yard in Lumut, aligned with its aim to meet the highest environmental standards in waste management and recycling.

AF Offshore Decom contributes two decades of expertise in decommissioning execution to the partnership, boasting a strong client roster.

Additionally, they own and manage the Vats decommissioning facility in Norway.

Sapura Energy group chief executive chief officer said the company is committed to embrace the low-carbon energy future through collaborations and shared technical expertise with key stakeholders; playing its part towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

AF Offshore Decom chairman Lars Myhre Hjelmest stated that through Kitar Solutions, the company is well-placed to deliver outstanding decommissioning services throughout the APAC region while upholding the stringent environmental and social governance standards set by the European Union.

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