7-Eleven’s 4Q net profit surges to RM221mil

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KUALA LUMPUR: 7-Eleven Malaysia Holdings Bhd’s (SEM) focus for the convenience stores segment continues to be on the expansion of 7-Café store format.

“Anticipated to drive growth in our fresh food category, the 7-Café format will play a pivotal role in diversifying our sales mix and improving margins.

“On-going initiatives include the establishment of new 7-Cafés outside of Klang Valley, complemented by tactical plans to penetrate specific high potential locations,” SEM said in the notes accompanying its financial results.

SEM noted that its new commissary is now fully operational. With the capacity for 1,000 stores in the Klang Valley, it features advanced equipment and automation for efficient prepping, cooking, and packing, thereby enhancing the quality and consistency of its fresh food offerings.


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