Rubber glove factory issued stop-work order for polluting environment

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ALOR SETAR (March 16): The Department of Environment (DOE) has taken action against a rubber glove factory by issuing a stop work order after it was found to be releasing untreated effluents into public drains.

Kedah DOE director Sharifah Zakiah Syed Sahab said that on Thursday, at about 5pm, her team observed blue-coloured effluent flowing through the public drainage system in the Mergong area.

“After inspecting the drainage system, our investigator identified the source of the effluent discharge — a factory releasing blue-coloured effluents directly into public drains, contaminating a 70-metre stretch.

"We gathered samples and sent them for analysis. Subsequent investigation at the factory confirmed that the blue effluent was from the use of blue pigments in the manufacturing process, and was being discharged untreated,” she said in a statement on Saturday.

She added that the factory had been instructed to stop the discharge of polluted effluents immediately, and served with a stop-work order.

Sharifah Zakiah said the suspected cleaning equipment, believed to be the source of pollution, had been confiscated, factory officicals had given their statements, and several samples had been taken for further analysis.

The direct release of untreated effluents is a violation of Regulation 5 of the Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluent) Regulations 2009. A directive notice, as per Sections 31 and 37 of the Environmental Quality Act 1974, has been issued to the factory to implement corrective measures, she added.

Sharifah Zakiah said follow-up inspections would be conducted to confirm the effectiveness of the corrective actions before the factory can resume operations.

She also encouraged industries to adhere more closely to legal requirements, and advised them to seek guidance from the DOE if necessary.

"For complaints, the public can contact the toll-free hotline at (1800) 88 2727 or visit," she added.

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