In business or politics, opportunities arise out of every crisis

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Last Sunday, I dragged my wife to Old Town, Petaling Jaya to buy water containers due to the severe warnings by Public Waterworks Department of a water supply interruption for up to three days.

We managed to grab RM500 worth of containers despite the huge crowd of desperate buyers.

Having instructed my maid to fill up the containers and placed them in all bathrooms, I travelled to Singapore on business matters. The maid was instructed not to do laundry nor do any cooking. My children were asked to have their dinners before they come home and if possible, pack some food for the maid.

While in Singapore, I checked with the maid on the water supply and was surprised to be informed that water was still flowing so I assumed that there was still water in our condo’s water tank. When I got back home, I was surprised that there was a continuous supply of water from the taps so I was relieved that the Waterworks department managed to repair and service the plant efficiently in such a short period.


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John Bin Too
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Use the stored water sparingly. Clean water is precious!

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