LPP changes to go ahead, no turning back — Salahuddin

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KUALA LUMPUR (May 24): The amendments of the Farmers’ Organisation Regulations 2019 are for the good of all parties under the Farmers’ Organisation Authority (LPP), said Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Salahuddin Ayub.

Salahuddin said the leadership of LPP should be rejuvenated to ensure the organisation carry out reforms for a more dynamic future.

“In this initial stage, we have made the amendments. Even though a handful of people did not agree, I am confident 900,000 farmers can accept the amendments and see the objectives.

“For those who protest, it is their right. I have heard (the objections) but changes have to be go on. I cannot retract and I should go forward for future good of farmers,” he told reporters when met at a breaking of fast with LPP members here today.

He said the leadership had been held by the previous leaders who did not showing any progress and did not give anything dynamic to LPP members themselves.

"If the leadership is not changed, there will be losses and our subsidiaries will close down. Thus getting no where. As the minister, I must be bold to to see LPP leaderships rejuvenated,” he said.

He was commenting on protests by several quarters over the gazetting of the amendments.

Earlier, several State Farmer’s Organisations (PPN) such as the PPN in Kedah and Kelantan had voiced their opposition and urged the Government to stop gazetting the amendments as it was approved without discussions with all parties involved.

Salahuddin said the Ministry had held discussions with the highest level in the Ministry with LPP and National Farmers’ Organisation (Nafas) before gazetting the amendments.

The gazette was made on April 19 by LPP chairman, Mazlan Aliman and was approved on the same date by Salahuddin and it came into effect on May 1.

The amendment covered three stages, namely State Farmers’ Organisation, Area Farmers’ Organisation and Nafas.

Among the amendments is the composition of the Board of Directors (AJP) at PPN which comprised four members elected in the annual general meeting and five appointed by the Minister.

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