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TheEdge Thu, Aug 06, 2020 01:44pm - 10 months ago

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 6): theedgemarkets.com highlighted 30 stocks with momentum at Bursa Malaysia's afternoon close today. Only one stock displayed in positive momentum and 29 displayed in negative momentum.

Stock with positive momentum was:

Jadi Imaging Holdings Bhd - up 3.5 sen at 12.5 sen

Stocks with negative momentum were:

AE Multi Holdings Bhd - up 1.5 sen at 16.5 sen

Aemulus Holdings Bhd - up 8.5 sen at 68 sen

Ancom Bhd - up 11.5 sen at 92.5 sen

Asdion Bhd - up one sen at 17 sen

CCK Consolidated Holdings Bhd - up four sen at 58 sen

Chin Hin Group Bhd - up 4.5 sen at 77.5 sen

CME Group Bhd - up one sen at 5.5 sen

Datasonic Group Bhd - up two sen at RM1.52

Eversafe Rubber Bhd- up one sen at 27 sen

Es Ceramics Technology Bhd - up 33 sen at RM1.73

Jerasia Capital Bhd - up 14.5 sen at 77.5 sen

LKL International Bhd - up 29 sen at RM1.68

Mestron Holdings Bhd - up two sen at 14 sen

Minetech Resources Bhd - up 3.5 sen at 35 sen

Niche Capital Emas Holdings Bhd - up 9.5 sen at 21 sen

Notion Vtec Bhd - up 43 sen at RM1.87

Progressive Impact Corp Bhd - up one sen at 12.5 sen

Scomi Energy Services Bhd - down half a sen at 11.5 sen

SKP Resources Bhd -  up seven sen at RM1.55

Sinmah Capital Bhd - up five sen at 19 sen

SMTrack Bhd - up five sen at 26 sen

Sunzen Biotech Bhd -  up 1.5 sen at 19 sen

Superlon Holdings Bhd - up 5.5 sen at 82 sen

Symphony Life Bhd - up five sen at 53 sen

Tek Seng Holdings Bhd - up four sen at RM1.22

TFP Solutions Bhd - up one sen at 11.5 sen

Tomei Consolidated Bhd - up 25 sen at RM1.43

Watta Holding Bhd - up 12.5 sen at 68 sen

Xidelang Holdings Ltd - up half a sen at seven sen

The list of stocks with momentum is generated using a proprietary mathematical algorithm highlighting stocks with a build-up in trading volume and price. The algorithm differentiates between stocks that exhibit positive (+ve) momentum and negative (-ve) momentum.

This list is not a buy or sell recommendation. It merely tells you which stocks are seeing higher than normal volume and price movements.

The share price may move up or down from this point. But the “+ve” (suggesting a rising price trend on volume) and “-ve” (suggesting a falling price trend on volume) indicators should give readers a better idea of what the market is buying and when to sell.  Note also that momentum generally only persists for a short period of time.

Related Stocks

AEM 0.055
ANCOM 1.620
ASDION 0.485
BURSA 8.110
CCK 0.640
CME 0.055
DSONIC 0.515
ESAFE 0.340
JADI 0.095
LKL 0.305
NICE 0.235
NOTION 0.670
PICORP 0.185
SCOMI 0.050
SKPRES 1.710
SMCAP 0.440
SUNZEN 0.240
TFP 0.145
TOMEI 1.160
WATTA 0.635
XDL 0.055


Fook Ong Yap
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This theory is bullshit for those limit up counter, of course negative momentum if the price can’t move up further and nobody wanna sell at upper limit price

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