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TheEdge Mon, Oct 19, 2020 01:28pm - 6 months ago

KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 19): highlighted twelve stocks at Bursa Malaysia’s afternoon close today. Eleven stocks indicated negative momentum while one stock with positive momentum.

The stocks with negative momentum were:

Acme Holdings Bhd - up one sen at 69 sen

Boilermech Holdings Bhd - up 1.5sen at 62.5 sen

Freight Management Holdings Bhd - up one sen at 56.5 sen

HIL Industries Bhd - up seven sen at RM1.01

Jaycorp Bhd - up three sen at RM1.22

Jiankun International Bhd - up three sen at 50 sen

Mah Sing Group Bhd - up 19.5 sen at RM1.14

Melati Ehsan Holdings Bhd - up 0.5sen at 48 sen

Salcon Bhd - up 4.5 sen at 29.5 sen

Tasco Bhd - up 11sen at RM2.06

Thong Guan Industries Bhd - up 30sen at RM3.17

The stocks with positive momentum were:

HPMT Holdings Bhd - up 0.5 sen at 39sen

The list of stocks with momentum is generated using a proprietary mathematical algorithm highlighting stocks with a build-up in trading volume and price. The algorithm differentiates between stocks that exhibit positive (+ve) momentum and negative (-ve) momentum.

This list is not a buy or sell recommendation. It merely tells you which stocks are seeing higher than normal volume and price movements.

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ACME 0.280
BURSA 8.450
HIL 0.950
HPMT 0.615
MELATI 0.540
SALCON 0.235
TASCO 1.160
TGUAN 2.510


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