Binacom, Eita, Mclean, MFlour, Opcom, Unisem

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KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 22): highlighted six stocks at Bursa Malaysia’s afternoon close today. All stocks  indicated negative momentum.

The stocks with negative momentum were:

Binasat Communications Bhd - UP 1.5 sen at 41 sen

Eita Resources Bhd - up nine sen at RM3.33

Mclean Technologies Bhd - up nine sen at 32 sen

Malayan Flour Mills Bhd - up 4.5 sen at 88 sen

Opcom Holdings Bhd - up six sen at 53 sen

Unisem (M) bhd- up 75 sen at RM8.48

The list of stocks with momentum is generated using a proprietary mathematical algorithm highlighting stocks with a build-up in trading volume and price. The algorithm differentiates between stocks that exhibit positive (+ve) momentum and negative (-ve) momentum.

This list is not a buy or sell recommendation. It merely tells you which stocks are seeing higher than normal volume and price movements.

The content is a snapshot from Publisher. Refer to the original content for accurate info. Contact us for any changes.

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BURSA 8.300
EITA 0.830
HEXCAP 0.380
MCLEAN 0.315
MFLOUR 0.820
UNISEM 4.150


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