KSK Land to push forward for handover of 8 Conlay YOO8 projects by end-2022

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KSK Land project director Richard Soo, KSK Land executive director Vincent Tan, KSK Group CEO and KSK Land managing director Joanne Kua, Ar. Hud Bakar of RSP Architects KL, GDB Holdings Bhd managing director Cheah Ham Cheia and GDB executive director Alexander Lo.

KUALA LUMPUR: KSK Land, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KSK Group Bhd, will be pushing forward with its plan for the handover of the 8 Conlay YOO8 Tower A by the end of 2022 and Tower B by mid-2023.

KSK Group chief executive officer Joanne Kua said to date, the branded residential tower project by Kempinski has achieved more than 80 per cent and 40 per cent take-up rates for Towers A and B respectively.

"While the past year was indeed challenging, we observed that there is in fact stronger interest in the local market for branded residences like (8 Conlay) YOO8 compared to pre-COVID times, while the international market remains engaged.


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