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EPS DPS NTA Revenue P/L Quarter Q Date Financial Year Announced ROE QoQ% YoY% Report
31 Dec, 2021
1.13 0.000 0.1200 28.13m 3.52m 3 2021-09-30 31 Dec, 2021 2022-01-14 9.4% 0% 0% View

Financial Year Revenue ('000) Net ('000) EPS Net % Report
31 Dec, 2021 28,132 3,523 1.13

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Richard KH Wong
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nazr zach
Coraza is a new girl in town. Like any other new girls, she's going to be hot. Many bees will surround her. The problem is she's only 28sen. Her tick size is 0.5sen. She can rise up to 20 ticks min. Close to Uncle Kee estimates. If there are many flies, expect it will take quite awhile to reach there..
Prospect is good. 10% yearly growth. Downside are their market is only in Malaysia and Singapore. There are only 5 customers. Their product are metalworking make to order. Theres only one way, UP
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Shark Fin
里查,你怎么手脚那么快!又给你拿到ipo 吗!
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Cheng Shen Kue
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Sabri Aqla
Why worry the price will fall below the ipo price? haha.. the price will not fall below the ipo price, coraza is the cheapest tech stock, see atech now remains much higher than the ipo price, as FA tech stocks remain good this year, demand very high, supply less
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Lionel Essi
yes. but, in facts, can go higher. just the recent crash in tech industry would reduce the fever.
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