-0.005 (-1.0%)
High 0.525
Low 0.505
Open 0.520
Volume 8,028,500
Volume (B/S) 979,500 / 260,900
Price Bid/Ask 0.510 / 0.515
52w 0.430 - 0.555
ROE 10.51
P/E 19.02
EPS 2.71
DY 0.00%
NTA 0.2579
P/B 2.00
RPS 6.48
PSR 7.95
Market Cap 190.5M
Shares (mil) 369.85
TopQ RTopQ
3Y 54% TTM 174.9%
5Y -31.7% TTM 23.7%
RSI(14) Oversold 0.0
Stochastic(14) Oversold 0.0
Average Volume (3M) 28,766,100
Relative Volume 0.3
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EPS DPS NTA Revenue P/L Quarter Q Date Financial Year Announced ROE QoQ% YoY% Report
31 Dec, 2024
0.9300 0.000 0.2579 24.0m 2.5m 1 2024-03-31 31 Dec, 2024 2024-05-23 3.6% 0% 0% View

Financial Year Revenue ('000) Net ('000) EPS DP% Net % Report
31 Dec, 2024 23,960 2,503 0.9300 -

Announced Financial Year Subject EX Date Payment Date Amount Indicator
No dividends

Announced EX Date Subject Ratio Offer
No records

Name Price Change Volume Gearing Premium Premium % Maturity
No warrants found.

Announced Date Change Type Shares Name
13 Jun 2024 11 Jun 2024 Disposed 100,000 MR ANG HOCK SENG
12 Jun 2024 12 Jun 2024 Disposed 100,000 MR ANG HOCK SENG

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ting pang eng
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Smart Paints under Smart Asia Chemical Berhad are found all over the hardware shops which indicates Smart Paints are retail widely across the country and this could help in the revenue and profits if construction sectors is picking up.

Let’s break it down:

1. Smart Paints’ Market Presence: Smart Asia Chemical Berhad, the parent company of Smart Paints, is indeed widely distributed across Malaysia. They have a strong distribution network with wholesalers, dealers, and authorized distributors, which accounts for over 90% of their sales. This wide distribution could indeed contribute to increased revenue and profits.

2. Construction Sector Trends: The construction sector in Malaysia has been showing positive trends. It posted an 8.8% rebound in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.55% during 2024-2029. This growth is driven by various factors such as government infrastructure stimuli, the renewable energy revolution, increasing capital investment in strategically important sectors, and a post-COVID-19 pipeline.

3. Impact on Smart Paints: If the construction sector continues to grow, it could indeed lead to increased demand for Smart Paints’ products, as paints and coatings are commonly used in both residential and commercial construction projects

Cheers! May the market forces be with you :):):)
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Celine Chong
6 Like · Reply
you look smart today... 0.6 coming soon
Celine Chong
today smart again. here we go to 0.6
1 Like · 2 days · translate