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Price of this counter will dropped further.
6 days · translate
Give it another 2 weeks for amnouncement, usually May only dividend payment.
1 week · translate
Cannot passed the 0.67 mark
3 months · translate
There is no KPI on their performance. They still get their fat salary.
4 months · translate
Not worth it. The dividend has been dropping all the time. One of the worst reit.
4 months · translate
Hektar is going down
7 months · translate
Minus 10% tax
7 months · translate
I'm subscribing to IDRP. @0.5586 is cheap. Am in for a long term. For speculation I have other counters to go.
7 months · translate
They will send you form to filled. Stamp duty is Rm10 and postage is Rm1.50. They will have the instruction inside the form.
7 months · translate
IDRP price @ 0.5586
7 months · translate
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