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At the end of the day, inability to offer products services at better price to market letting domestic consumer keep absorb all burden by nation market pioneer cashflow crisis. Domestic inflation keep flung higher. Nation GDP keep decline.
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Say yes to pharma! good pioneer company with overseas business development. but at least announce share dividend quarterly (4 times per year) please, put at bank interest rate also get 3% per year, investors buy stock and only get to read your latest news, their pillow overflood with tears waiting eagerly for your stock to rise back until bank account starving.

Local investors real grateful & wish to be take care in return by you too, just like how you care so much for your own employees salary and local/oversea subsidiary business partner annum profit sharing. Local investor hoping pharma to resume quarterly 4 times per year dividend, to compensate their annual cash flow heartbreak due to Pn17 incident.

Now, to up most Malaysian people concern will be, our nation medical pioneer keep maintain RM600m turnover crisis more than one year, which affect Malaysia domestic market inflation keep flung high, this is very serious issue, government please help them, at the sake of Malaysia people living cost raising at fast speed.

Malaysia Boleh

Malaysian Diasporas'
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