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Might not… Purposely doing PP might be a sign to goreng
1 day · translate
Nice holding power bro. Congrats !!!
1 day · translate
Wait until my neck long dy, come on revenue
2 days · translate
Congrats who got IPO price haha
3 days · translate
Yup, very near dy
4 days · translate
Let’s go EKOVEST. Vol in tdy, but selling pressure is high
4 days · translate
As mentioned earlier, gogogo
4 days · translate
Finish goreng. Game over…
4 days · translate
Tech counter started its engine. Let’s ride the wave together

More info look up in my bio ya
5 days · translate
As long as don’t break below 1.5, still a chance to go higher. Although price moved up a lot recently
6 days · translate
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