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Mr. Ng

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another two companies are...?
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Market is moving based on sentiment, ahead of economy. without more 'surprised negative sentiment'. unlikely to see further downside; second wave of Covid-19 would trigger that (maybe?)
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in fact...even foreign stocks re the same. ;)
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hi 如果您们想根据tabung haji, epf的踪迹做为投资的抉择,就需要跟他们拥有一样的逻辑。

tabung haji个人就不理解了。
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hi Dennis.. investing in a market will always be seeing investment grades vs speculative stocks.. mature investors seek only what suit them.

if investment grade stock suits them, they go for it.
if speculative stocks suits them, here they go..

so there's no bullshit la...
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ya...nothing special and no need to be special..
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i am only using the classics like rsi/stochastics and macd ; overlays will be MA and EMA (all indicators are subjected to changes on the Parameters on personal preferences)

and it's my habit that i dont cluster all of them into my chart.

there's no point to over-analyse.
importance is the Price and Volume (Trend, Support vs Resistance)
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technically the stock has a 'hint' of heading lower - im waiting for 0.85; best price for me is 0.80
this stock is heavy - so there's no need to rush in; can slowly wait for the best price (per individual lar, who knows it really goes down;or not)
it'll be really good to see it trend lower to 0.80c range to collect at cheaper price for higher D% yield
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thanks for pointing out. I just read it. I think I really did miss out the announcement. will spend some time to dig more info again.

taliwrks has been one of my favourite for dividends accumulation.

I disposed all after they were appointed only as Advisor.
if they're operating and maintaining then is ok.

about Langkawi water station is gone (per what I know).
but now they're loaded cash, with this management quality, it's just matter of time to shine again
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