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I see, will you share me more info about the land swap and the purpose?
what I know about these two companies are both also have construction subsi but almost like dormant firm nia.

taliworks family also happens to own some THRIVEN shares, which HQ is in the same LGB building
1 week · translate
aisb-taliwrk land swap agreement..was it in some of the past announcements or you just "happened" to know about it?
1 week · translate
thanks for responding after such long period.. I only figured out AISB
1 week · translate
if the contract termination impact was that bad you would see share price slide down
2 weeks · translate
because they have plenty of money and they setup dividend payout policy 1.65ct per quarter
go find out in previous announcement
3 weeks · translate
won't affect
3 weeks · translate
another two companies are...?
1 month · translate
Market is moving based on sentiment, ahead of economy. without more 'surprised negative sentiment'. unlikely to see further downside; second wave of Covid-19 would trigger that (maybe?)
6 months · translate
10 months · translate
in fact...even foreign stocks re the same. ;)
11 months · translate
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