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Potential pump like Hongseng
1 week · translate
Not worth the risk, more longer, more distribution at this level.
1 week · translate
Everybody knew already din suka curi ayam, always play off sides.
1 week · translate
She knew soon game over, ASB has no relationships whatsoever with Anwar. Ahmad Sebi was 30 yrs ago, infact he once hentam Anwar openly, try google.
1 week · translate
I believed their QR koyak. There are less Covid related biz with govt and all other biz is just new set up. Do you really think they going to proceed with gloves? There are global oversuppy and ASP at the bottom.
2 weeks · translate
Asb got nothing to do with Anwar. This only speculation games.
3 weeks · translate
Dumping started
3 weeks · translate
This week people will dump and will not taking risk on 19th
3 weeks · translate
Next week all will sell
3 weeks · translate
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