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1 day subscription refund most likely
4 hours · translate
lol....ohhhh noooooo.....the most we refund you one day subscription fee
4 hours · translate
Jakarta the sinking city... so valuable? so smart investment?... my question is why not kalimantan? XD
4 hours · translate
People trim earning forecast due to higher net debt and interest payment.. He still imagining because he brought it so the price must go up.. XD. hahahaahahahahhaaha must have brought it 5 years ago and lose 40%
4 hours · translate
I see a loser in da making.... XD hahahahahahahah self proclaim expert of overestimation
4 hours · translate
if owner gave his shares of Xxx to short seller.. Will the price uptrend?
6 hours · translate
Even Epf all in Gamuda.. XD
6 hours · translate
scammer in da house. Beware
7 hours · translate
Die with massive debt Kiyosaki Trump styled. The bank and shareholder should be worry, not me.. said Trump...XD
7 hours · translate
Typically when shooting happen.. it touches people heart ...that the man risk his life to make American great again
8 hours · translate
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