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They waiting all to buy their shares 0.025 n they will get more from esos n pp at lower cost
1 day · translate
Only idiot will do Tis lol…consol first only see again
5 days · translate
maybe later no more money RI n consol again…
6 days · translate
I rather watch show here see how they play those fishy who jump in
6 days · translate
Wait 1c then consol lo….All con shares u buy will slowly squeeze till dry only Tis year ..I sell at 5c oredi won’t buy back …if u want just buy to donate them ..
6 days · translate
20:1 不远了。。没有最低
1 week · translate
Advice given to Hopeless ppl just like invest in hopeless shares here….more then years still can’t wake up n keep dreaming really long stuck investor
1 week · translate
Some ppl just never learn from mistake and put the problem to others …ur money u own take care…haiz
1 week · translate
Wait for consol only ….ready to loss more from here if u still believe in miracles…really XKL say cut loss years ago till now …all invest in F group shares won’t hv good ending
1 week · translate
Lychee u don’t want to cut loss then don’t simply say is ppl told lol…lol….warn since abv 0.07 earlierl…u don’t out later consol loss more 50%from now only …Tis all is F scam group…now is LKL see who next only all take turn soon
1 week · translate
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