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Jerry Liew

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Be patient. This is not trading stock. This is long term dividend stock and slowly will going up when the obstacles are cleared.
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4 days · translate
For long term holdings, below 3.30 is good to hold
3 weeks · translate
The High Court here has granted Genting Malaysia Bhd (GENM) leave to commence judicial review proceedings against the ministry of finance's (MoF) decision to amend the 2014 tax incentive approval in December 2017.
3 weeks · translate
Friday take profit for those contralian, is normal. Keep hold tight for years and years is the right value investing method
4 weeks · translate
Thanks to PH, 21st Fox Century & Minister of Finance, made this great opportunity for us to enter Genm such a low price. ^ ^
1 month · translate
Ya... Really thanks to PH that create this awesome opportunity
1 month · translate
Further to add, Gamuda NTA is 3.16,now the share price only 2.70, I would think still worth to hold for long term
1 month · translate
At this price, is quite volatile to trade. I will say if u buy at current level, u need to have a very good mentality to prepare for the price to be drop, IF no good news that support construction sentimental in these few months, gamuda share price will be volatile. For long term hold, actually is ok as long as if the dividend level better than FD
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Value investing is to be long term holding. Short term 1- few months is not called investment, is call gambling. Invest base on company fundamental. Genm is oversold, for me I will still add for long term holding
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