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Sean Koh

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Joined Mar 2016


Congrats buyers. Please read the following good news

8 months · translate
Good news coming soon. Ready guys.
10 months · translate
1 year · translate
在这动荡的时期,KLCI 一蹶不起,医疗保健股会再次成为投资者的避风港吗?
1 year · translate
Yes, nick. Now waiting for adjustment
1 year · translate
Well. RSI and stochrsi clearly overbought. I see many contra out.
1 year · translate
Volume is fading so as the price
1 year · translate
U bought a lot?
1 year · translate
Tabung haji is one of the main holder for RANHILL. Will RANHILL get affected when Tabung Haji sell its asset to cover debt?
1 year · translate
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