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23 May 2023...a day after their QR...up again to 1.53 early morning... Where are the fortune teller?
5 days · translate
Today the whole mall back in business. Loss 1 day rent... Maybe give a 10% discount to tenant this mth. No big deal to their profit.
1 week · translate
At most.... Lost 1 week rental income... A waiver to tenant jek.... MCO give 50% waiver for few mth also can sustain. Scare what? Some more the damage... Claim insurance geh.
1 week · translate
Alpha Jack... 1.20? Still no answer to why and exact date when ar? Fortune teller shotting blanks?
4 weeks · translate
U have not give a date when it will drop to RM1... Or reasons why it will drop. Now can tell us or not?
4 weeks · translate
My average price is only 1.4x....u didn't manage to average down is it?
4 weeks · translate
1.50? Hohohoho.... Bila? Fortune teller with no facts of don't know when and don't know why lagi?
1 month · translate
Make a bit la.... Not bad for such a short time
1 month · translate
In at 3.35...out at 4.10....less than 2 mth... Tq to 7090
1 month · translate
As announced on 24 match 2023, they had terminated covid vaccine contract without paying anything and without any financial impact.
2 months · translate
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