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bilibala bilibala...up again today....last minute up or first minute up...don't matter....it went up....that matters.
Yesterday · translate
my average price below rm2....but then u won't believe.....
1 day · translate
up again today after all the bilibala....hahahaha
1 day · translate
when tin losing make noise...price go up.... pls...make more noise
2 days · translate
but when tin kosong bilibala...price will go up geh
4 days · translate
tin kosong only bilibala when it drop and tell tales of babayaga....scare tactic to scare other ppl into selling cheap.
5 days · translate
hope EPF and PNB both also don't dump. Tin Kosong can bilibala bilibala shok sendiri with his tale of the babayaga.
1 week · translate
tin kosong bilibala bilibala....
1 week · translate
cos this is not a goreng counter. All financial indicator points to solid long term investment.
1 week · translate
bilibala bilibala....
1 week · translate
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